Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Benefits of the weight loss - 2nd edition

What do you think of when you see someone really overweight? I have always had to overcome negative first impressions, assumptions people make when they see someone really heavy. Honestly ask yourself when you see someone overweight, what are my assumptions? Lazy, unorganized, slow, undisciplined, maybe even worse?

Professionally I have always had to overcome those perceptions (right or wrong in their assumptions) before I could sell myself or my message. That is a pretty tough place to start from. Now I find that people who do not know me are not distracted from my message by my appearance. Those that do know me have greater confidence in what I have to say or contribute.

More companies want to hire me now, more people want to buy from me now and more people listen to my ideas without distraction now. It is a powerful new position to be in. If you are struggling with the negative perceptions of being overweight, you can overcome them. Your ideas can be heard. Your individualism can be recognized. Your unique value can be realized. Don't give up or give in, if you are having trouble overcoming struggles with your weight, contact me and I will help you overcome your obstacles the way I overcame mine.

It is amazing when people see who you are, opportunities reveal themselves professionally and personally. It feels wonderful to be heard.

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