Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Make you meals memorable!

Tonight I was struggling, craving things that were not in my plan for the day. It was not hunger, more anxiety than anything else. We got pizza for Elizabeth and the girls and Zack and I needed something else. I was finding myself getting weaker and weaker for some pizza but thankfully our plan involved in a delicious meal that not only fit our goals but satisfied all my needs and the pizza no longer called my name.

If we didn't plan something that really satisfied everything, taste, texture, color, etc., my mind would have wondered toward the kitchen all night and that would be too difficult to overcome time after time. I would have eventually stumbled and strayed into eating outside of my plan. The result is i am standing firm yet again, another victory in the win column. I get stronger with every day that ends in the win column.

Spend the money on GOOD food. This can be the most important thing in your life if you are like me. the junk and cheep stuff simply does not satisfy.


  1. I'm so glad to hear this and so glad I could help you!! You make me proud!

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