Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Get Help From Those Who Care About You

Improving my health was not just about me, it affected my wife and my 4 kids in virtually every way. How could I take such a huge step in life without their involvement and how could I succeed without their help? I couldn't!

The first step was to be of the same mind with Elizabeth. We then invited our children to know what our goals were and asked them for prayer and help. It is a tough thing to do, asking your kids to help you overcome something that has been out of control in your life for so long. It could change relationships in the wrong way if you let it. We set ground rules, daddy was still daddy, there had to be the proper respect and love in every attempt to support or question my efforts to lose weight.

We gave the kids permission to ask, "daddy, is what you are eating in your plan?" was OK but things like "hey, should you be eating that?" was not. It sounds like the same thing but one is said out of loving support, the other changes the parent-child relationship. My kids honored that relationship and provided me with immeasurable support and motivation.

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