Friday, March 13, 2009

The rewards so far.

A walk with my wife is romantic, not something that is difficult, uncomfortable, hard work or a distraction from connecting with the one I love so dearly.

No more hurtful words from my kids classmates about their dad, a renewed and stronger pride in their father.

The energy to go as a family to the zoo, the monuments, museums, fairs, amusement parks, fishing, school activities, community events.....the sky is the limit.

No more physical pain at the end of the day, or the beginning of the day for that matter.

Much more energy to do my job and maintain the confidence of my employers and peers.

More confidence.

Being able to provide my son with guidance and encouragement he needs to achieve the same freedoms.

The ability to buy a beautiful suit from Brooks Brothers for the same cost as a not so beautiful polyester suit from the Big & Tall shop. I always wanted to dress much nicer than I could.

My wife can shop at Old Navy for fun clothes as gifts. It is great that she gets so much joy from something so simple.

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