Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random ways my life has changed

I can sit anywhere at a restaurant, I do not have to ask specifically for a table with chairs because I do not fit in a booth.

I can go for a walk with my kids without it being painful and difficult.

I can buy a suit at Brooks Brothers instead of a polyester one from the Big & Tall store.

I can wear clothes I picked up at Old Navy or Costco instead of the ONE Big & Tall clothing chain in the region.

Seat belts in any car can fit me now. I had gotten tickets for my seat belts not being able to latch in the past. The police would tell me to custom make an extension so it would reach.

I can fly in an airplane without the person sitting next to me dreading the flight when they see who they are going to sit next to.

I no longer need to ask a flight attendant for a seat belt extension.

I won't break the seats in my car or van any more. I have broken a few car seats from the back falling off to the mechanism not longer being able to adjust the seat position.

Folding chairs at church or school no longer worry me, I have had more than 1 collapse on me.

I can sit in a lawn chair now.

My boss no longer makes me sit ONLY in the "special" reinforced office chair that was purchased just for me.

I can cross my legs.

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