Friday, March 13, 2009

I came to love the idea of being defiant.

I had reached a point where I truly wanted no more of it and I would not compromise or negotiate these things.

No more not being able to ride a roller coaster with my kids because I couldn't fit on the rides.

No more being identified by my size or weight instead of; my love for my wife and children, my passion for what I believe in, the depth of my faith, my unique personality, my abilities, my intellect, my creativity, my belief in serving others.....I am so much more than the big guy.

No more passing on Redskins tickets because the walk from the parking lot is just too much to think about. (Go Skins!)

No more seeing the pain in my children's hearts when they hear their schoolmates say hateful things about their dad's weight.

No more having to overcome a negative first impression in business dealings.

No more having my wife, kids, parents, brothers, sisters aunts or uncles having to constantly worry for my health, which ultimately became worry for my life.

No more missing out on simple joys in life because it is too hard or too uncomfortable.

No more giving up when I stumbled and accepting less in life.

No more missing out on serving or helping others.

No more leading my son down the same wrong path I took!!!!!

No more settling on a life that will last shorter than it could be with those I love so dearly.

No more, no more, NO MORE!

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