Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Making eating a formal affair

My brilliant nutritionist gave me some very good advise and opened my eyes to something that I never noticed.

I would eat in front of the TV or while looking at the computer and inhale my food. Shortly thereafter I would "forget" that I ate and go to eat again. Mary pointed out that when you don't pay attention to the act of eating, it sometimes does not register in your mind that you have eaten.

How did I solve this? I made a deliberate effort to make eating dinner an event. We turned off the TV and computer, sat at the table as a family and used old fashioned good manners. I used a fork and knife even to cut a green bean in half to eat it, I payed attention to the meal. I enjoyed each bite. I have not "forgotten" that I have eaten since and it has helped me to maintain my disciplines and move forward toward my gaols.

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